Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Crimes against cuisine.

I'll bet you that mustard drizzle makes it even less appealing.

First I just want to apologise. I have neglected this blog for the past few weeks.  My husband was sick with swine flu / viral infection / suspected appendicitis / food poisoning. We'll never know for sure thanks to the vagueness of the local doc and the A&E at the hospital. But anyway, he's better now so my stint as Florence Nightingale is over and I finally have some time to myself.  So now, onto the real post...

Cheese stuffed crust, yeah, I can understand that.  Pizza and cheese, they go hand in hand so it's a fairly obvious marketing gimmick.  But when I got home today and found the new Pizza Hut leaflet on the table I couldn't understand it.  This was a marketing gimmick gone too far. Hot Dog Stuffed Crust. Yes, Hot Dog. Stuffed. In the crust of a pizza. It is the most horrendous looking food I have ever laid eyes on. Everything about this makes me want to hurl. Are people not satisfied enough with their Super Duper Extra Large Loaded to the Edge Pizza that they now need to cram the crust with an ugly processed sausage that, let's face it resembles a lightly grilled penis poking out from an albeit, odd-looking vagina. What will they come up with next? Pizza stuffed crust, a pizza inside your pizza, perhaps? Jesus wept.


  1. So many levels of wrong!!!!!!!!

  2. Yes, so many. I wanted to go into the health aspect but was afraid I'd sound too preachy. It's disgusting!

  3. you get a pizza stuff pizza crust here in canada stuff with cheese and pepperoni!