Sunday, 19 May 2013

Who needs a Kong when you've a perfectly good skirting board to chew?


Gaia - our wonderdog!

Things Gaia doesn't like to play with:

1. Her Kong toy, unless it is filled with peanut butter. Then she will play with it for five minutes until the peanut butter is gone.
2. Her rubber bone toy from Zooplus.
3. Her tennis ball with cute doggie prints on it; made especially for fetch with your pet pooch.
4. The "Dog Frisbee" we got when we realised tennis balls weren't her thing.
5. Her cute elephant rope toy for "tugging and throwing fun" from the pet shop in Swords.

Things Gaia does like to play with:

1. My socks - preferably the low cut ankle ones.  She loves ripping them to pieces.
2. The skirting boards.  The one in the kitchen is her favourite. 
3. Kieran's expensive gloves that he bought for working on site.  They are now fingerless.
4. My pink ballet style slip on shoe.  I only have the left one now.
5. The plants in the kitchen.  Nothing like a good old dig in a pot plant.
6. Bills, postcards, leaflets, parcels and/or packages that are posted through our letter box.  
7. The leftovers in the small brown bin.  She likes nothing better than tossing the contents of it around the kitchen.
All the better to chew the shit out of everything you own with, my dear.

So what have I learned?  Never buy toys for your dog as they will find plenty to play with in your house that costs nothing. (Unless you count the time spent cleaning up after your little angel)


  1. The best thing we ever gave our dog is a tennis ball in a sock. It combines her love of socks with our love of getting half an hour to relax. She will spend HOURS swinging the ball from side to side and throwing it in the air.

    Dogs really love socks.

  2. I am going to try this today - thank you so much!

  3. Hey, I'm a vet in real life and its incredible the stuff we pull out of dogs! Someday I hope its going to be an 84 carrot diamond and a squeaky toy's hoping. Beautiful dog by the way

    1. Thank you Manatee - she is so good and has brought so much happiness to our lives. God, that sounds terribly gushing... I would love to be a vet - should have studied harder at school :(

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