Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Life Changing Email...

Insert funny pic here...
Do you sometimes think about how this next thing you are going to google might change your life?  And if you don't google it right then you have missed your chance.  Sometimes I am about to type it in (the life changing google) but I'll suddenly forget what it was.  And I spend the next half hour racking my brain; trying to remember what the hell it was I needed to google.  Often I won't remember, it'll be gone, and I'll lament over that amazing lost opportunity.

Leaflets through the door might have the answer.  Or the post.  When I get home I can't wait to check it out. Especially parcels. "What could it be?"  It's probably the pair of gloves I ordered three days ago. But. It could be something else, right? Something - incredible!  Like what?  Just something... FABULOUS!

And emails.  My inbox.  Every day I check it I think "this is it, this is the day when something amazing will be there."  The email that changes everything.

It wasn't there today.

Maybe tomorrow?


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    1. I'm not alone so! I love that pick of you Claire - is it from Dhulaigh days?

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