Wednesday, 9 November 2011

If it sounds too good to be true...

Ronaldo's 70 percent off haircut
So I got this voucher on one of those websites. You know the ones; sites that offer amazing deals that you just can't resist!  My voucher is for a full head of highlights.  But I know I won't get a full head; they'll fob me off with a half and I'll be none the wiser til me sister points it out to me when I get home.  Worse than that; the cut will be awful cos it'll be done by a trainee who doesn't know a scissors from a meat cleaver.  And that weekend away in the five star hotel in Cork will be the same disappointment. "Sorry, those vouchers can only be used Monday to Friday, and not during school holidays, or close to Christmas, and certainly not in the Spring, also not for use during months ending in the letters e and r."  That skin cream you bought, the one you got at an 80% discount.  You remember; the postage cost €20 cos you live outside the UK.  Ah yes, that cream.  The cream that didn't "smooth out fine lines", "zap ugly bags" or "erase deep wrinkles."  The only reason you bought it was cos the "original" price was €120 - with a price tag like that it MUST work, right?  Wrong.  And don't forget that course of laser hair removal you invested in; three sessions for €30 - bargain!  But not when you're informed that you need twice that to fade the Ronnie you've been growing specially for the occasion.  And extra treatments work out at €60 a pop! Ouch, nearly smarts as much as the treatment itself. Back to the trusty ol' jar of bleach so.  Wait a minute, what's that; lip threading voucher 50% off.  But they only do half the lip?  Sure I'll buy two so.

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